Meet Robert…

I grew up in South Orange and Morristown, New Jersey. I went to private school in Milford, Conn. I was asked to not return because of …. But, they didn’t throw me out.

robert-rosenthal-business-opportunitySo my parents sent me to a military prep school. They thought the structure would do me good. They were right!

I went to Fairleigh Dickson University in Florham Park, New Jersey and graduated with a BS in Business Management.

My family owned a Howard Johnson’s Motor Lodge in Whippany, New Jersey. So I started my business career as the front desk clerk. I was such a cocky kid that one day I walked into a full service boutique hotel a few miles away and told them “We want to buy this place”. Six months later, we made a deal to purchase the facility. (Little did we know that the place wasn’t making any money!)

I ended up managing the boutique hotel and had a blast developing new business. The very first show I produced was with Don Rickles. We held it on a Tuesday night because Tuesdays were slow in the hotel business. For expenditures of $10,000 or more, I had to get the board’s approval. But, I didn’t. I just hired Rickles to do his thing. The board called me in. I told them I would foot the whole bill myself and take all the profit. They okay’d the expenditure and the show went on. We weren’t selling enough tickets at $29 and $35, so I took out some print ads and advertised $20 tickets. After that I sold out the $35 tickets. I also produced show for Jerry Vale, Sammy Davis Jr and the like.

I learned, when doing company parties, to find out what salad dressing the person booking the party liked. Then, during the event, I would always serve the person booking the party their favorite salad dressing. (My point: I took the time to listen to the person booking the party and gave only them their favorite salad dressing.) During the company party when the person that booked the party was talking with the President or CEO of the company I would go over to them while they were speaking, and complement the booking person to the CEO. We got lots of repeat holiday party business to say the less.


Robert and Pres. Nixon

The largest event I produced was with President Richard Nixon’s arrival at the hotel. The Secret Service checked into the hotel a week earlier. Boy, those Secret Service boys can drink, all the way up to 24 hours before the President arrived. Then, they were all business. I spent time alone with President Nixon in my office. I remember thinking, “Here I am… alone… with the most powerful person on the planet.”

We hosted a permanent party for Allstate Insurance. They held their sales and claims training at the hotel for 6 New England states, plus New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. AT&T also held  their long lines training at my hotel.

The front of the hotel was a traffic circle. During the holidays we would close it off and have a holiday village, complete with Santa Claus. In order for the kids to sit on Santa’s lap, they would have to bring a gift for the needy children in town. We regularly filled 3 bedrooms with all the gifts that the children would bring. On Christmas Eve we would distribute those gifts.

We had booked a fashion show to be held at the hotel. We were contracted to do public relations for the show and were just about ready to send out the invitations. Then, the post office went on strike. So, I had to get really creative. I booked a photographer, and my assistant and I went to a horse farm. I instructed my assistant sit on a horse, with envelopes stuck all over its saddle, and her arms full of envelopes. I also had envelopes sticking out of my jacket pockets and took lead of the horse. The pictures went into the paper. The photo shoot was picked up by the news in New York. Needless to say, the fashion show was a huge success!

I learned a lot about people in my time in the hotel business. One of my favorite lessons was when a gentleman came into the hotel to ask about hosting a company party there. I didn’t think much of him because he wore blue jeans. (During the 1970s business never was conducted in jeans). He booked his company party with us for 1,000 people at $25 a head, $23 for the hotel and $2 going to him as a finder’s fee. From that I learned to never judge a book by its cover.

I was Vice-President of the company division and was responsible for the operation of the Hotel as well as 4 Motor Lodges, 2 in New Jersey and 2 in Florida.

At one time in the 1970s, I owned a Night Club on 5th Ave in New York City. It had a gourmet restaurant on the bottom floor and a disco up stairs. I loved the life and culture of New York. That was a very wild time in my life. I was fortunate to have lived through it.

I moved To Southern California and purchased a Burger King in Vista, Ca. and Poway, Ca. One time we had a promotion for 25 cent hamburgers. We were making $1,000 an hour. Meaning we were making 4000 hamburgers an hour! People would come in and order 40-50 hamburgers at a time. It was a blast.

As you can see I don’t like to sit still very long. After a short retirement, I purchased a La Jolla residential cleaning business. We cleaned 42 – 45 homes a day and made $8,000 a week in cleaning revenue. I don’t clean homes any more.

I’ve been sober since January 4, 1989. I was a resident and graduate of McDonald’s Drug Treatment Center.

Presently I live in Solana Beach, Ca. with my roommate of 7+ years.

For fun:
Travel both Domestic, Asia and Europe
Ride my motorcycle
Live at the beach

Places I have lived:
New Jersey
Woodstock, VA
Northfield, VT
Scottsdale, AZ
New York City, NY
Cape Cod, MA
Solana Beach, CA

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Home Business Opportunities for Stay at Home Moms with Send Out Cards

Send Out Cards is an online service which customers can use to create physical cards for birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions. The site handles all the printing and sending. It also offers a business opportunity, in which you can become a distributor and earn commissions on sales. This is perfect for stay at home Moms who really need the extra income, but can’t devote a lot of time to a job.

Customers love the convenience of Send Out Cards. With today’s busy lifestyle, it is so easy to forget upcoming birthdays and anniversaries, or to not get around to finding and sending a card in time. With Send Out Cards, reminders can be set and cards can be scheduled well ahead of time. It’s peace of mind that customers really appreciate.

There are four different styles of cards with a large number of design options. The message inside can be personalized, and you can even add a personal photograph, or a video message which can be accessed using a smartphone to read a QR code. The site also has a gift catalog which customers can use for those occasions that seem to demand more than just a card.

For businesses, Send Out Cards makes it possible to easily keep in touch with valued customers. Reminders, announcements, and thank yous are easy with the bulk mailing options. There’s even an option to automatically insert the name of the recipient into the card, without having to personalize each one.

The popularity of the unique Send Out Cards service is exactly what makes it such a wonderful business opportunity. When you sign on as a distributor, you’ll be given all the training you need to become successful at promoting Send Out Cards. There are numerous events, online and in person, which you can attend for continuing education and networking with other distributors.

Attendance at the events isn’t required, though. This is one of the few work at home opportunities that you can actually do 100 percent from home. The amount of time you need to devote to developing your leads isn’t much, and you can work around your own daily schedule. This is really great for Moms who have lots of other things to get done and can’t count on being able to keep regular hours.

In addition to earning a commission on customer purchases made through you, you will also earn commissions on the sales of new distributors you recruit to your team. The larger the team you build, the more commissions you will earn. There are several different types of bonuses, too, that you may qualify for.

With Send Out Cards, stay at home Moms can earn a significant extra income for the family with very little time commitment. The service practically sells itself: after all, everyone could use some help keeping up with all the occasions they like to send cards for. Putting in just a bit of effort to build a strong sales team pays off in advancement, leading to even more commissions and bonuses.

To send out a free card. please go to my SendOutCards website.

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Home Business Opportunities with Send Out Cards

Send Out Cards is a service company which (as the name suggests) sends out cards on behalf of its customers. Customers purchase a set number of points, which are used to customize cards. There is an associated business opportunity which allows you to work from home

In the modern world when so much communication is done online, many people still appreciate the simple gesture of receiving a piece of mail, something they can hold in their hands. It’s not always so easy for the sender, though, to get around to purchasing a card, stamps, and getting it in the mail – not to mention remembering all the occasions throughout the year.

Send Out Cards makes it easy. The customer only has to choose a card, message, and recipient. Cards can be customized as much or as little as the customer chooses, and there are designs available for every occasion imaginable. There’s even a gift catalog if they want to send along something more than just a card. The service is also handy for announcements and invitations, and the tools at the site make bulk mailings simple. Businesses can use it to send reminders, or to send greetings to special clients.

As a business opportunity, Send Out Cards operates on the basis of multi-level marketing (MLM). This is a tiered structure, in which those higher in the structure earn commissions from both their own activity and the activity of their recruits downstream. Send Out Cards offers bonuses for new customer acquisition, advancement, volume, and for training new recruits.

Once signed on as an independent distributor, you will then receive a dedicated personal webpage with payment processing. There are minimum requirements in order to qualify for commissions. The next level is marketing distributor, which has higher minimum requirements and also leads to higher income.

As with most real earning opportunities, there are some start up costs associated with Send Out Cards. It has been suggested that about three to five hundred dollars is a good amount to earmark, including the fee for the distributorship. There is also an annual renewal fee. The initial investment can be recovered after just three or four wholesale customers sign on.

MLM has come a long way from the bad press it once received. It in fact represents a solid business model which is motivating, as more work put in results in higher earnings.

A well-managed tier is productive for everyone. MLM organizations like Send Out Cards are a good choice for anyone who is willing to work hard, but needs the support of an established company in order to succeed.

The Send Out Cards business opportunity had become popular among those who choose, or need, to work at home because it is a unique product which fulfills a very real need among the general public. It’s easy to get customers, and to recruit new distributors to the team. With just a bit of effort put in, you can be earning a full-time income within just a few years. To learn more. please go to my SendOutCards website

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What Are Your Home Based Business Office Options?

George Bernard Shaw's home office - writing hut.

George Bernard Shaw's home office - writing hut.

Considering your house, the options for a workplace range from a converted garage or outdoor structure, to just a spare corner in a room. Again, the type of business you are running is going to dictate what you need, as well as the size of your home, how many rooms you have, and anybody living with you. The person living alone will have more freedom to use whatever space they have available, while the mom with 5 kids will probably have a bigger place to work with.

Spare Corner
The advantage of using this option is that it will probably be the easiest and cheapest to set up, but there will also be some obvious setbacks. The biggest of which is a lack of privacy and abundance of distractions. If you choose this option, at least face the desk AWAY from the TV.

Dining Room
This is a popular options for a lot of people. It already has a table to work off of, and in most houses, it’s only used occasionally. Most dinning rooms, though, do not have doors that can be closed, running again into the problem of privacy and distractions. Although, for a seasonal or part-time business that’s done when everyone else is out, this can work out very well.

With good lighting and a usually cheery environment, the kitchen can be an easy choice for a low-key business or any that involves food. A lot of renovations can be done to make the kitchen a suitable workplace. This is definitely more of a specialized workplace though, as often it’s the busiest room in the house, so it might not work as a full time office.

Spare Bedroom
The spare bedroom is often a good choice for a workspace for a lot of business types. It affords you a private, distraction free place that you can use to create a full blown office. As a dedicated workspace, you are able to equip and decorate it as you need, not to mention the ease of communication through phone and internet connections. The only downside would be that it’s not great if you have clients over, unless it has its own separate outside door.

The garage is another great choice for a home business work place. Usually, they are connected to the house, making it easy to go back and forth, and they come with their own separate entrance. Large enough for most any business, they are especially good for repair and manufacturing based ventures. Unfortunately, the conversion from ‘car house’ to ‘fancy office’ can be costly, with electricity, heat, water, sewer and communications considerations to be made. Also, parking your car outside can be inconvenient in some areas where it might snow a lot.

This is another option if you want a full, dedicated workspace. If it has been climate-proofed and has good access, then it should provide the space and privacy to allow you to be productive. A big concern that must be carefully considered is moisture, especially during the wetter and colder times of the year. Things like documents, furniture, and electronic equipment can be easily ruined.

Like the basement, the attic can act as a good full-time workspace, though it has its share of things to consider. Again, like the basement, climate is something that most be considered and sometime altered to care of. It’s not ideal for anyone with clients coming over, as it’s not very accessible and sometimes lacks headroom. Also, you will probably need to take steps to both communication and electrical connections, since most attics don’t have them already.

Outside Structures
Things such as tool sheds, freestanding workshops, cabanas, are an option, provided it is large enough to fit your needs. These buildings lack water and electrical services, and usually don’t have enough heat or light. The amount of time and money spent to renovate it might be better spent on an easier space. Outside structures are very good for manufacturing and repair business, and often the only legal option.

New Addition
By far, the most expensive and time consuming option for your workspace would be building an addition to your house. You can easily spend upwards of $50,000 before you even get to business equipment, inventory, and everything else it takes to get your business going. Building codes, zoning regulations and the such must be adhered to, or it could cost you even more to fix it. The upside to all of this is you will be able to design your office exactly as you need, making it perfectly suitable for your business in every way you can consider.

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Home based business opportunities with Send Out Cards

Send Out Cards is one of the hottest ways to make money from home. It is a website which customers can use to send physical cards for birthdays, anniversaries, and more. By signing on as a distributor, you can earn a commission for every card sold through you.

Distributors also earn commissions based on the sales of the rest of their team, the other distributors that they have recruited. At the top level, you could be making a full-time income. Even at the most basic level, you can easily make a few hundred dollars, extra income that’s very welcome when you are unemployed.

Send Out Cards is a unique service, so you won’t be competing against a lot of other similar companies, as can be the case with other multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities such as nutritional supplements. The more you work at gaining new customers and distributors, the more successful you will be. You’ll be given all the training and ongoing support that you need from the company’s friendly and helpful staff.

The principle of Send Out Cards is simple. Customers purchase a certain minimum number of points. The points can then be redeemed for cards. There are four types of card, each with different point values. Additional points can be redeemed for extras, including attaching a video link, QR code, or photograph. There is also a gift catalog for when a card isn’t quite enough.

Once the card has been designed to the customer’s satisfaction, they can choose the recipient(s) and when the card is to be sent. Bulk mailings, as for invitations or reminders, are an option, too. Cards are then printed and mailed by the Send Out Cards staff. Customers can keep a list of contacts, and receive reminders when special dates are coming up.

As mentioned above, you will earn commissions both from retail sales – customers that buy through your distributorship – and from the sales of other distributors that you sponsor. You can also earn bonuses for various things, including bringing in new customers, recruiting new distributors, advancement, and training.

One area of marketing that can be very productive is service businesses, like dentists, dog groomers, accountants, and the like. These types of businesses send out lots of reminders, which can be time consuming for staff. Other businesses may like to send birthday or anniversary cards to their most loyal customers. The Send Out Cards service is very attractive to business owners because it’ll streamline the process for them. You may often find that they’ll want to sign on as distributors under you.

Send Out Cards is a good opportunity because it is a unique service that people really want. That makes it easy for you to gain customers and distributors with a minimum of cold calls. Be prepared to spend a little money, perhaps three or five hundred dollars, to get yourself established. You will earn back your initial investment with the first two to five new customers you bring on.

To send a free card or to sign up as a Send Out Card distributor visit

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Finding The Home Office Workspace That is Right For You

The key to figuring out the type, size and location that you will need for your home office is going to be the type of home based business you run. In addition to that, you’ll need to think about day-to-day living, as well as any guests, special occasions, etc. If your family uses the area you’re going to be working out of, keep some of these ideas in mind:

A compact, organized home based business office.

A compact, organized home based business office.

    • Try to find a place without too many distractions. The noisy washing machine, refrigerator with its tasty snacks, and cable TV can all be just what you need to NOT get any work done!
    • If possible, pick a separate room. Being able to close a door will help keep business in and everyone else (especially pets) out.
    • Avoid using multiple areas. Find a place large enough to operate comfortably. Running back and forth from room to room can be very counterproductive, and make it hard to stay organized.
    • If your are going to have clients coming over, then it’s best to have a workspace with its own outside door, or at least very close to one.

There are many things to consider when choosing where you are going to establish your workplace. Most are logistical, but there are family and even legal choices to be made. Try to keep some of the following in mind when you’re making your choice:

1) Will clients be coming to your home office?

  • Do you have the space to accommodate them?
  • Do you have good access, including parking?
  • Will privacy be a necessity and is your workplace separate from everything else to provide it?
  • Is the appearance of your house suitable for a client to visit?

2) Are you going to have employees working for you?

  • Can they legally work from your home?
  • Do you have enough space for multiple people?
  • Is there enough privacy for employees to work, and for your family from your employees?
  • Can you provide the basic, legal necessities such as space for lunch and breaks, and washroom facilities?

3) Are you running a manufacturing business, or assembling products?

  • Does your workspace meet all local zoning regulations?
  • Will you need to upgrade or install heating, cooling, electrical or plumbing to meet any mechanical needs?
  • Does your workspace meet the fire safety standards because of your business or product?

4) Will you need storage space?

  • Can your storage be easily and safely accessed?
  • Are there any outside influences that can put your inventory at risk such as hot/cold climate, moisture or animals/pests?
  • Is your storage space secure enough that it is not at risk of being stolen?

5) Does your workspace meet your communication requirements?

  • Will you need phone jacks for a landline?
  • Do cell phones work clearly and dependably from your location?
  • Does it provide a good connection for a wireless router?

Hopefully, all this will help you choose a workplace that is not only suitable for your particular home-business needs, but also provides a productive, secure, comfortable workspace that works with your house and family. Next month, we’ll cover what your room options are for creating your own office in your home.

Please send a free birthday or thank you card on me. Go to and click on Send a Card.

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Home Based Business for Women: Send Out Cards

Looking for a way to make extra money and stay at home with your family? Direct sales may be the ticket. Women can achieve financial success and independence no matter what situation they find themselves in. The benefits of a direct selling business are considerable. You can create your own hours and be available for your kids and family.

There’s unlimited earning potential. It’s a business in a box, so it’s easy to run and maintain. Direct sales companies are very supportive of their consultants. These companies run contests with free vacations, monetary prizes and sometimes even cars.  Quite a few women have found success and satisfaction in being part of the direct sales industry because they love what they do and they make good money.


Home based business opportunity, Send Out Cards.

The pressure-free direct sales environment gives women the opportunity to earn a sizable income while working flexible hours to take care of their families. In most business models, opening a new business is time and labor intensive. Lack of financial resources can be a great barrier to starting a new business. When you open a direct sales business you’ll invest a minimum amount of money, and you’ll receive professional business systems that you can use immediately to grow your wealth. Another big plus is the discount on the products that you’ll use.

Send Out Cards is the perfect business for stay at home parents. With Send Out Cards, you don’t have to carry any inventory. People can order their cards via your Send Out Cards website. A potential client can send a card for free, so they can see what the card looks like and how quickly it is delivered. If you’re looking for some additional income you can earn in your spare time, look no farther than Send Out Cards. Click here to send out a free card. Click here to send out a free card.

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Home Based Business Opportunity and a Positive Mindset

send-out-cards-for-freeHave you grown disenchanted of gridlocked traffic and office politics? Are you looking for more income and flexibility in your life and career? Do you want to have the freedom to stay at home with the kids, but still have the income that comes from working a home based business opportunity? Is your life as fulfilling and happy as you want it to be? Dreaming of a brighter future?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! I’m fortunate because I live the good life, running my own home based business opportunity and making money at it. I love the freedom and flexibility my home based business opportunity, Send Out Cards, allows me to have, along with their generous payout structure.

Success with your home based business will come down to your mental mindset. Most people restrict their ability for growth and financial freedom with negative patterns and bad habits. Habits and thoughts that you perceive as negative have a tendency to weaken your sense of self worth and confidence. If you say to yourself, you can’t do something … most times you’re correct. Once habit and thought patterns become engrained it can be very challenging to change them. Sometimes just a simple change, like asking yourself an empowering question “How can I do this?”, can overcome a negative thought pattern.

As humans, we can dwell on negative memories, like where we’ve embarrassed ourselves or said something stupid or done something wrong. We play these memories over and over in our heads until we train our brains that we’re doomed to repeat the behavior. Next time you realize you’ve been telling yourself, you can’t do something, listen to what that little voice in your head is saying to you. It probably won’t be nice or empowering. It may even be downright nasty.

Practice listening to that little voice in your head and hearing what it’s saying. If it’s negative, start talking back to it. Be your own cheerleader! Give your self a positive talking to! You’ll see a rise in your confidence and self esteem You’ll be doing things you never thought you’d do but always wished you could do. You will see a dramatic, positive impact on your results and your life.

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Simple and Easy Follow Up

The saying is ‘The fortune is in the Follow up’.

For small and medium size businesses, every lead is worth it’s weight in gold. Not only could the lead become a customer, but they also have the potential to become a satisfied repeat customer and even send you referral business.

How does one turn a lead into a repeat client? Follow-up!

Follow-up is one of those things that is easy but not simple. Researchers say that anywhere from 40 to 50% of inbound leads are never followed up. With the depressed economy, having an effective follow-up system is more important than ever.

Each sales lead is a question … What do you do? What does your service do? What does your product do? How can your service or product solve their problems? How does it work? How much does it cost? Sometimes the process of answering these questions can take some time.

In the meantime what do you do to keep in touch with your prospect? How do you keep your name and product in front of the prospective customer? Joe Girard, the world greatest salesman and best selling author built his repeat business on greeting cards.

Greeting Cards? How did he do that? Joe kept close track of everyone that talked with that was interested in buying a car. He got their address and sent greeting cards for birthdays, anniversary and holidays. He got his business card in front of potential customers once every 6 weeks or so. Just that small reminder made him the world greatest salesman according to “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not”.

Send Out Cards is an easy and cost effective way to stay in front of potential clients. For as little as $1 per card, you can send a high quality birthday card, anniversary card or a greeting card for any occasion. Contact Robert Rosenthal for more information

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A Little R & R (Robert and Roseann)

kangen-water-business-opportunityHappy Holidays from Robert and Roseann

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